Summer 2000

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Hey Everybody:

Well its Day 5, and I can honestly say I feel pretty good. For those who don’t know, I’ve been using opium for the last four years (I estimated my use to be about the equivalent of 250mg of morphine a day.) A month ago I took one gram of Indra Ibogaine, while this made my first day of withdrawals comfortable, it did nothing from then on. I relapsed, but tried to keep my use to as little as possible, but of course I didn’t go a day without using.

This time I took one gram of (Indra)Ibogaine on Day 1, one gram of Ibogaine on Day 2, and half a gram of Ibogaine on Day 3. In addition to this, my doctor gave me clonodine, bentyl (which REALLY helped) and somas.) At night I took the usual–Tylenol PM’s, about 9mg of Melotonin, Valerian Root, and Benadryl. I also took a multi-vitamin called “Life Force.” I used to take Centrum A-Z, but the guy at the health food store said that was the “Yugo of vitamin supplements.”

Howard asked how my craving for opiates would be after my “3 day regimen”, well, I can honestly say I am indifferent to them. I mean, if it was sitting in front of my face I would feel no overriding urge to use (unlike before, of course.) But I ‘m not saying I wouldn’t enjoy it, I just have no craving for it.

Other mitigating factors in my withdrawal are 1) I got my doctor involved for the first time, 2) my wife is pregnant, and 3) I had taken 6 weeks off of work to get off this time.

So I don’t know what this all means, and I’m not about to say I’m out of the woods yet, but I do feel like I’ve crossed a threshold.

Thanks to those kind souls who encouraged me during the worse of it (Brett and Sara especially.)

Well, I’m about to make a call to a Substance Abuse Counselor…


By Dev