Ibogaine Experiences

A collection of ibogaine experiences, all unedited, and grouped according to the reason for taking the drug. If you’ve used ibogaine, for whatever reason, and would like to forward your story, please get in touch by mailing me at the address given on the Contact page.

Ibogaine for Opiate or Painkiller problems

Jason took ibogaine for his methadone problem, December 2004.

Doug took a couple of doses of the Indra extract for his heroin habit, June 2000.

“Marvel” took around 3g of the Indra extract for his opium habit, Dec 2000.

“M.R.” took ibogaine HCl for his heroin habit in the Czech Republic in 2000

“Chip” took 3.5g of the indra iboga extract for his heroin habit in June 2000

Treatment communications received for C, female heroin smoker.

Kevin, who took ibogaine for his opium habit

Nina and David took the ibogaine for opiate problems. Their experiences weren’t so positive.

Sandy – first ibogaine experience

Sandy – second ibogaine experience

Sandy – summary of first two ibogaine experiences

Sandy – third ibogaine experience

Ibogaine for Non-opiate or Alcohol problems

Pete took ibogaine for an alcohol problem

Ibogaine for Self-development

Rory’s account of taking iboga in 2011.

Account of a 44 year old woman who took ibogaine for personal development.

“Caroline” took ibogaine HCl by enema to help resolve childhood issues.

Jackie’s experience of taking regular low doses of rootbark and the Indra iboga extract.

Nick Sandberg – First major iboga experience

Nick Sandberg – 750mg Ibogaine HCl, for self-development

Xavier, first iboga experience

Xavier’s girlfriend – first ibogaine experience

Xavier – third iboga experience

La premiere experience d’iboga de Xavier

La troisieme experience d’iboga de Xavier

Xavier’s friend’s iboga experience

Bwiti initiation experiences

Daniel Pinchbeck’s account of Bwiti initiation in Gabon

Account of young Western male of Bwiti initiation in the Cameroun

Nick – Initiation in the Cameroun

Nick Sandberg – “Iboga Tourism in Central Africa”

Entering the Spirit World of Iboga – Amazing account of Bwiti initiation in the Gabon, by Thomas Riddle

Miscellaneous Experiences

Accounts from several people who took ibogaine informally in Holland

Case reports from Brian Mariano, who carries out informal treatments in the Czech Republic.

Some correspondences with ‘Simon’, who had a negative iboga experience.

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