Autumn 2000

I’ve taken quite a lot of Ibogaine over the last 18 months in the form of root bark which I chewed and [Indra iboga] extract I bought at xxxxxx. I also swapped some of their delicious fare and soup (as well as some extract 3.5 gms to be precise)for my herbal remedy style drops zapped the same way as homeopath people do it.

I rather liked the root bark. Its bitterness is distinctive – not sour at all. I found it somehow lifted the blanket of apathy I tend to get towards repetitive tasks like filing and dishes. Things are less trouble after a mouthful of powder chewed well and swallowed. I never felt sick. I’m not surprised if you mix it with honey it might be a repellant taste, It is in no way a stimulant like coffee or gurana – even pepsi. It justs lifts tiredness in some way.

And yet there is an element of root bark being relaxing to me. I suppose that if I’m more relaxed about doing stuff life just goes brisker and is more fun. It was not just some passing experience, it was noticeable that it was a direct consequence of taking the powder.

The extract is a bit different. Firstly I noticed that I took about the size of an aspirin wrapped up in a paper and it was different each time. I sometimes felt a little high and other times even dozy. The direct ‘energy’ hit was also there bit spasmodic. Because of the build up effect I was even getting trailers from time to time. They are remarkably interesting and not frightening at all.

My purpose for this course was to get off smoking which was beginning to bug me tugging at my space and time. It did not make much difference at first but I persevered with another 3.5 gm of Swedish extract. It was a productive time and I finally stopped that cadge factor “Oh could I just have one” and chewing one niccoorette finished me off for fags. I don’t, just very occasionally.

I dropped constant coffee, now I enjoy the odd one. I don’t eat candybars or biscuits as a daily event. In fact I hardly ever do. I’m going to take another short course to help me out of a rut of low energy. There is a lot to be done in my life right now. Nonetheless I keep putting off getting it in. Not very habit forming then, not to me anyway.

As for any long term effects I would say that I feel in some way to be more sensitive, from overall perceptions to riveting on detail where necessary. I think it’s useful. It doesn’t hurt anyway 😉 Or maybe that’s just me getting older and wiser anyway? (I don’t think so)

I hope this helps.


By Dev