Dan R. started to use pervitin thirteen years ago. Few years later he added kodein, brown, and at last heroin, which gained a predominant position. From 1997 to 1999 he fell back into deep heroin addiction. Concurrently he had to také antidepressants, due to psychological problems caused by pervitin abuse.

Initially Dan was rather sceptical about the idea, that there could be „something” able to help him in a radical way.He himself was surprised realizing, that withdrawal symptoms are missing and that no desire for heroin is on the way,day after day. He was supposed to be already in the middle of a fairly huge withdrawal crisis. Alcohol appeared to be tasteless. At last he tried some opiates ten days after ibogain administration and realized, that the „fulfillment”was much lower than expected and the mind remained clear.

Anyway, considering that the average period that addicts remain „clear” after ibogain is half a year, I wasn´t quite satisfied with the result. I came to the conclusion, that the process that was meant to také place during the session was not completed. After two weeks from the first session I repeated the ibogain administration and this time the result was complete.

Dan passed consciously through emotional and mental cleansing, was shown a variety of relations connected to his personality,drugs and traumas. Gained a clear feeling, that drugs belong to his past and that he´s not an addict anymore. Still few months from the second session his state of detoxification is quite stable. He´s not afraid of relapsing in the middle-time period.

Physically he feels much better, the relationships with people have improved, especially with his mother.

Dan considered pervitin the drug that hurt him most and represented his biggest problem in general. In fact pervitin causes serious long-term patological effects, possible serious physical damage and the psychological addiction is so strong, that usually gets somatized.

There are no datas concerning the effect of ibogaine on pervitin abuse, I was then rather curious of the result in this specific case. A very interesting fact is that right after the first session Dan had a dream in which he saw himself and a big stone that blocked him the way to pervitin. Two sessions with ibogain were sufficient to remove completely all psychological problems caused by pervitin and any possible desire he may have to try it again.

In the long run he feels the residual addictive mechanisms are softening and disappearing, which is great.

Brian Mariano www.ibohelp.com

This is a part of the report of a middle-aged lady which participated to my session with her husband and one son

……Also I got aware of the power of the thoughts and realized what does it mean to think in a negative way. I acknoledged how I keep on complicating my life trying to cover something, closing myself, so that nobody would realize who I really am and wound me, making myself more voulnerable. I realized I cannot keep saying if I would have this and that than I would be happy. With the help of the ibogaine I realized I´m happy and as a confirmation of this all I experienced a wonderful meditation,which came spontaneously, in which I was like flying in the space and shouted „I´m happy”, space beings danced with me and everywhere I could hear „she´s happy”.Everything went out to be very positive, in some situations I couldn´t help and laughed loudly. In other moments I cried from happyness or from the joy from the wisdom.

Still that Sunday I wasn´t able to predict what influence shall it have on me when I get back into reality. I was a bit afraid everything would get back to the old way. Till now my feelings concerning this experience are great and I know it was very beneficial for me. I feel myself really “different”, I can see it also on other people, their approach to me changed. Now it´s clear to me I mustn´t “let it go”…..

The following exerpt is of a young man`s report :

Now,after getting back into the “normal world” I realize interesting changes in myself.Things don´t bother me much. They´re neutral to me. It´s not like losing the “reason to live” in a physical body. Just looking at things as an observer and it´s a very interesting feeling.

The sleep is deeper, more “nourishing”, dreams are more vivid , plastic and I can remember them more easily.

Brian Mariano


1. Male, age 28, methadon addiction 70 mg daily, after 15 mg/kg of IBO HCl reduced methadon need to 20 mg daily. Subject was methadon free about 40 hours before taking IBO and showed clear signs of withdrawal symptoms. These disappeared within few hours after IBO intake. Three days afterwards started to take 20 mg of methadon because of persistent physical problems. Within 5 month afterwards reduced intake to 15 mg of methadon every two days. (note: this was my first methadon addict and I didn´t know how harder is to eliminate methadon addiction than heroin addiction. Today I would have proceeded differently)

2.Female, age 23, methadon addiction 70 mg daily, received three IBO treatments within one month with doses respectively 15, 15, 22 mg/kg. After the third treatment the subject was one week without pains, able to sleep even without pills. Claims that after this week some physical problems started again and for this reason got back to heroin, but without any craving. One month later accepted in the methadon program again at the level of 35 mg/kg.

3. Male, age 27, heroin addiction 1,5 – 2 gr. , received 16 mg/kg of IBO. Prior to this was about 24 hours drug free and suffering from withdrawal. During the treatment IBO did not calm down the pain, wich began subjectively unbearable. Four and a half hours later got 150 mg of Diolan. Claimed no effect in pain reduction (legs and back). Three hours later he quit the treatment and smoked 0,2 gr. of heroin (8 hours after IBO intake). The next day stayed drug free without problems, even being in “downtown”. The day after he wondered what effects would haveon him now small amounts of heroin and this way slowly got back to the previous level of addiction.

The best report I ever received till now from my clients:

…..Suddenly a big noise. I began to rotate clockwise. Rotation got faster. A feeling that my teeth are going out of my head and I started to hear completely everything. I got also the feeling that my head is enormous. At once I started to feel my body in positions other than where I knew it to be. Then came a really big, long lifting that lifted me up at extreme speed for perhaps 10 minutes. Thousands of pictures started to come at extreme speeds, in varying shapes and sizes. (SUPER). Then, in a split second I saw my entire life, from my childhood until the present moment

This part of the experience was not enjoyable, it was too strange. I had the feeling that everything was useless. Then the speed of pictures slowed down. I was in a kind of space where when I concentrated on a certain detail I moved closer to that detail. I moved within this space until the moment I said to myself, “Where do I go now?” I began to pose questions and I seemed to know the answers before I managed to finish the questions. I asked about any kind of possible and impossible nonsenses. Then I asked, “Who am I?” I saw my phisical body and told to myself, “It´s not me! I don´t look this way!” I asked “What am I?” and saw a big free-floating sphere full of light, which contained within it incredible worlds and flows of lights and energies. Suddenly I was able to perceive a thousand things at once, thousands of timelines without the least effort. It seemed to be to me like a quite normal state of being, I lived a number of lives simutaneously. I realized that there´s nothing anymore I could ask, because my SELF knew EVERYTHING, my SELF was EVERYTHING. It was the best experience I have ever had – a feeling of unbelievable calm, peace and joy. At once I realized how terribly ridiculous everything is- I saw myself how I live, how I´m ridiculous, how my life was comic, all questions absurd. I just began to laugh, laugh and laugh …

Suddenly I got the feeling that not everything was in order with the things I was seeing and began to search for the reason. I saw a small comic figure, all in black and as it saw me began to run away. I hunted it for a while before I managed to catch it and throw it on the ground, which took away a piece of its black colour. So I started to také away the rest of the black colour and at once I saw that it was me – it was my ego with all its imperfections. I saw on myself all the aspect’s of my ego, including those I didn´t like at all. So I began to clean them from my ego (and bet he tried to difend itself!). I released him only when he looked completely differently.The ego shook like a wet dog and quickly ran away.

By Dev