Thinking of Taking Ibogaine? Read this first.

The following piece concerning the making of a T. iboga extract for consumption was forwarded to a foreign Internet list dealing with Ibogaine issues. We reproduce it here for interest value, not as a methodology for self-treatment.

Because of the problems of working with Tabernathe iboga rootbark in its natural form, namely it’s foul taste and the need for supervised hourly administrations, simple extraction processes have been devised which can render it easier to take.

We have no knowledge of anyone using the extraction detailed below to detoxify from drug usage, though it may be suitable for such a purpose.


Put the rootbark into a large clean jar and add approx half a 70cl bottle of vodka, two cups of red wine and the juice of a lemon. Some users like to also add a half-teaspoon of vinegar.

Shake vigorously and then leave to stand for one week, shaking occasionally.

After one week has passed, empty the contents into a bowl or pan and place gently over boiling water. DO NOT DO THIS CLOSE TO A NAKED FLAME AS ALCOHOL IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. ENSURE THE AREA IS WELL VENTILATED.

Alcohol boils at around 80 degrees centigrade, (as opposed to water which boils at 100). When the alcohol has boiled gently away, remove the bowl and strain the contents through cloth. (The solid that remains should no longer have the bitter taste it did prior to beginning the extraction. If it does, mix everything back together and return it to the jar for another week. Then repeat the above.)

Assuming that the solid is not now distinctly bitter, discard it and allow the liquid that remains after straining to stand for about 12 hours.

The extract is now ready for consumption. For details on administration, obtain medical approval and consult one of the protocols on ourĀ treatment page.

Storage – It is recommended you consume the extract within a few days of making it. However, if necessary, it can be stored for about 2 – 3 weeks in a domestic refrigerator. After this period it will begin to brew, and the composition will be altered. Smelling the extract will tell you if it’s started to deteriorate.

By Dev